Structure, Balance & Biomechanics in Tango Seminar

NEW Structure, Balance and Biomechanics in Tango Seminar by Gayle Parnham Osteopath – 2 Sept, 2 & 30 October 2019 – 7.30pm
These workshops will run in conjunction with registered Osteopath, Gayle Parnham, to give you the knowledge and tools to access your full potential as a tango dancer. Each workshop will focus on bringing awareness to the biomechanics, structure and balance of the body as we dance tango. We will look at models, perform exercises and address questions that you might have. The workshops will build upon the basis of good posture and explain why it is important. They will also cover ways to prepare our body for tango; plus, the basics of how to avoid injury. By working on your posture, balance and biomechanics, you will find that your tango dancing feels more natural and takes less effort as the body moves more efficiently, you decrease your risk of injury and you become a partner that other dancers choose to dance! Free £12 / each (workshop + lesson afterwards).

Tango Matiné 27 October 2019 with guest DJ Zhanna

Tango Matiné in Letchworth on 27 Oct 2019 from 2pm until 6pm with guest DJ Zhanna Rabinska

An afternoon of mainly golden age tango music – however we have a few surprise tandas to delight you-, lovely dancers and a variety of yummy sandwiches and cakes!

Tea, coffee and cakes provided. Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks available from the bar in the venue. Free parking at the venue`s car park.

Milonga dates 2019

Come and tango with us in 2019, too. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

Milonga dates in 2019:

January – 27/01/2019
February – 24/02/2019
March – 31/03/2019
April – 28/04/2019
June – 30/06/2019
July – 28/07/2019
September – 29/09/2019
October – 27/10/2019
November- 24/11/2019
December – 15/12/2019