Tango Matiné with DJ Pat – 23 February 2020

Tango Matiné in Letchworth from 2pm until 6pm with guest DJ Pat

An afternoon of mainly golden age tango music – however we have a few surprise tandas to delight you-, lovely dancers and a variety of yummy sandwiches and cakes!

Tea, coffee and cakes provided. Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks available from the bar in the venue.

Free parking at the venue`s car park

Vals seminars with Mina & Giraldo – 25/03 and 01/04

Special Vals Seminar by Mina and Giraldo of Corrientes on the 25th of March and on the 1st of April 2020, from 8pm followed by practica until 11p. Cost £12 (per week).

“Albeit Tango Vals was already popular in the 1910s amongst a few musicians and dancing aficionados, the true love story between tango composers /musicians and Tango Vals was born when Roberto Firpo and his Orquesta Típica recorded the immediate hit Desde el Alma, written around 1911 by  the then very young Uruguayan composer Rosita Melo…Dancing to Tango Vals is about softness, playfulness and about translating the lyrics into our movements; in sync with the rhythmic melody of the Vals (3×4). During this special Vals seminar at Letchworth Tango Academy, we will be looking at some of the possibilities of how we play with the accents and syncopations of the music, whilst making dancing to Tango Vals unique.”

Milonga Matiné 2020 Dates

The dates for next year`s Milonga Matiné (2020):
26 January 2020 – 2pm-6pm
23 February 2020 – 2pm-6pm
NO MILONGA in March 2020
26 April 2020 – 2pm-6pm
NO MILONGA in May 2020
28 June 2020 – 2pm-6pm
26 July 2020 – 2pm-6pm
NO MILONGA in August 2020
27 September 2020 – 2pm-6pm
25 October 2020 – 2pm-6pm
29 November 2020 – 2pm-6pm
End of Year Milonga 20 December 2020 – 12pm-6pm