Structure, Balance and Biomechanics in Tango Seminar by Gayle Parnham Osteopath

2019-10-02 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Jackmans Community Centre
Ivel Court
Jackmans Estate, Letchworth Garden City, Herts

!!! NEW!!! Structure, Balance and Biomechanics in Tango Seminar by Gayle Parnham Osteopath – 2 Sept, 2 & 30 October 2019 – 7.30pm

These workshops will run in conjunction with registered Osteopath, Gayle Parnham, to give you the knowledge and tools to access your full potential as a tango dancer. Each workshop will focus on bringing awareness to the biomechanics, structure and balance of the body as we dance tango. We will look at models, perform exercises and address questions that you might have. The workshops will build upon the basis of good posture and explain why it is important. They will also cover ways to prepare our body for tango; plus, the basics of how to avoid injury. By working on your posture, balance and biomechanics, you will find that your tango dancing feels more natural and takes less effort as the body moves more efficiently, you decrease your risk of injury and you become a partner that other dancers choose to dance! Free £12 / each (workshop + lesson afterwards).

4th September 19 – “The Spine and The Core”

In this workshop, we will look at the structure and correct alignment of the spine, its role in the tango ‘axis’ and how it rotates to achieve disassociation. We will look at the core muscles, what they are, how they work in tango and how they are instrumental in achieving good posture.
We will also introduce ideas to help you become more self-aware of your own posture, so you can correct your own postural alignment and how moving in this way is more comfortable for you AND why this in turn enables you to give and receive clear information to/from your partner (whether you are a leader or a follower), helping you to become more connected with your partner.

2nd October 19 – “Pelvis and Legs”

The hips and pelvis area work in harmony with the core. In this workshop we will build on what we have learned and understood from workshop 1; bringing these principles together to help understand how to achieve quality of movement via the hips and through the legs and feet, whilst walking and in our Tango turns and pivots.
We will introduce you to pelvic structure (including muscles), with focus on the use of the muscles around the pelvis and hips. Muscular imbalance can lead to problems not only in the hips/pelvis areas, but also in other areas of the body, such as knees and ankles or torso and shoulders – so attention to this area is valuable not only to help us achieve our axis and good balance, but also to prevent injury.

30th October 19 – “Head, Shoulders, Arms and Torso”

The last workshop in the series will look at the upper body (the head, neck, shoulders and arms, plus the torso). We will focus on the correct positioning of the upper body (including the arms), why this is important and how to avoid too much tension in the shoulders and arms, to help both partners achieve a good connection in the embrace.
We will look at common faults in our upper body and arm positioning and introduce exercises that can be done at home to help address them. In this workshop we will also think about our breathing and how we can influence the tension that we hold in our bodies using the breath.